At Cadson, we care immensely about the environment and are committed to preserving the beautiful breath-taking surroundings in which we live. To ensure we do this, we undertake the following actions so that it can be enjoyed by future generations and our guests:-
•  We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
Cadson is a member of Coast Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project.
We support local food producers, restaurants, pubs and tourist attractions, along with shops and transport. We believe in buying locally wherever possible to reduce packaging and road mileage, and if not available, we support Fair Trade products.
We use scrap paper for note paper and re-use old envelopes.
We reduce, re-use and recycle as much as possible too.
We use the jute coast bags when shopping and encourage our self catering guests to do so.
Cadson has a strictly no smoking policy.
All bedrooms have energy saving light bulbs and individually controlled radiators to conserve energy.
We use eco friendly cleaning products and minimise the number of towels washed by asking our guests to re-use.
Information is available to guests for home deliveries of shopping. We are fortunate to have so many small local producers of award winning food in Cornwall who also deliver.
A farmers market is held in Callington Town Hall every fortnight.
Green Acorn W e have received a Green Acorn Award in recognition of the measures that we take to reduce the impact of our business, and that of our guests, on the environment. Encourage our visitors to look around the immediate area, rather than driving for miles and miles.
We compost all organic matter, and source sustainable alternatives wherever possible, and use our local Council pick up every two weeks for all our small recycled items such as glass, paper, tins plastics etc.

Cadson Manor: A Country House and Arable Farm near Callington Cornwall